hevea grove - from trees to dreams
Invigo - Natually fresh
Invigofresh - Exclusive Odor-destroying formula
de Courcy & Company, Makers of quality latex mattresses

Introducing latex mattresses designed for modern platform beds.

    Our Mattresses were created with your store in mind and were created to highlight a platform bed's unique design - elegant and simple.
  • These are mattresses with personality, immediately drawing your customer in with an attractive, well-tailored design, and warm sophistication.
  • Hevea Grove looks and feels luxurious - increasing your customer's perception of value.
  • As a high margin retail item, these unique mattresses significantly increase the profit opportunity of the "real estate" already allocated to platform beds.
  • We provide a total package that you will be proud of showcasing and offering to your discerning customers.

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